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1. LUNATIC WHITE GOBLIN WARRIOR (LV.59) @ BEACON HILL 2 -King Rich Crown -Bandanna of Darkness -Dragon Cape

2. VICIOUS WEREWOLF (LV.61) @ ELDORN GATEWAY -Hero’s Helmet -Palladium Helm -Leather Armor S Rank

3. BLACKHOODS CHIEF (LV.66) @ BLACKHOODS STRONGHOLD 2 -Vengence (Crossbow) -Baby Headband -Emperor’s Shield

4. POISONOUS FOREST SPIDER (LV.67) @ WESTERN DEPONIN -Mad Slayer (Axe) -Heavy Armor -Seed

5. ENRAGED CAVE RAT (LV.68) @ OOGLE HABITAT 1 -Master’s Coat of Arms -Assasin’s Turban -Salamander Heart

6. BEWICTHED OOGLE (LV.68) @ OOGLE HABITAT 2 -Heathen’s Mace -Succubus Ring -Nickel Silver Pot

7. RED FLOWER SHRUBBER (LV.70) @ ETERNAL FOREST 2 -Carp Deity Mask -Werewolf Leather -Masamune (Long Sword)

8. ENRAGED WING SLIME (LV.71) @ ETERNAL FOREST 4 -Predator’s Claw (Blade) -Santa Hat -Funeral Suit of the Corrupted

9. ELITE DROW’S SOUL (LV.72) @ DROW’S SOUL DISTRICT 2 -Visor Rank S -Blazing Vessel -Dragon Slayer (2h Sword)

10. ICESHELL TURTLE (LV.79) @ ICE FORTRESS -Dragon Knight Helm -AdventurerFoot -Titan Shield

11. FROST WEREWOLF (LV.80) @ CLEAR FROST PLAINS -Bison Mail -Blood Fist -Fairy Hat

12. PURIFICATION CAVE WACTHER (LV.81) @ PURIFICATION CAVE 2 -Megalodon Fangs -Celebrant Ring -Ninja Headband

13. CANNIBAL GRAUPLE (LV.84) @ MIST FOREST 2 -Hail of Salvation (Orb) -Fedora -Steel Veil

14. ENRAGED JOURNAL (LV.88) @ MIST VILLAGE DESERTED HOUSE 1 -Avenger (Bow) -Sneak Boots Rank S -Meow Mask

15. CHIEF ELF’S SOUL (LV.87) @ SEALED DUNGEON 3-2 -Spawn Bane (Staff) -Grip Holder Rank S -Brilliant Wizzard Hat

16. DARK PRAISING FORBIDDEN BOOK (LV.93) @ STYX ROAD -Wolfram Battle Axe -Heaven Sword -Angel Helmet

17. ANCIENT MUTATED POISON SPIDER (LV.94) @ ABYSS WAREHOUSE -Destructive Fang (Blade) -Knowledge Crown -Rags of the Dead

18. REBEL REMAINS (LV.95) @ STYX ROAD 2 -Soul River (2h Sword) -Destructive Fireball (Orb) -Bandanna of Wisdom

19. UNCONTROLLABLE GUARDIAN (LV.97) @ SOUTH ROOM OF AFTERLIFE -Staff of Anubis -Wind Conqueror’s Bow -Gladiator Helmet

20. WICKED DROW ARCHER FIGURE (LV.97) @ WEST ROOM OF AFTERLIFE -Snifer (Crossbow) -Rabbit Ears

Layer 1:——–Eternal World:

1) Funky (Lv100, Head) -DR:65 -Int:21 -Vit:18 -Hit rate:6.7% -Critical Damage Increase:9.4%

2) Darkness Shredder (Lv100, Axe) -PD:249 -MD:249 -Str:22 -Vit:16 -Critical Rate:6.5% -Darkness:1.0%

3) King Rich’s Cape (Lv100, Clothe Armor) -DR:130 -I nt:19 -Vit:12 -Mp Increase:17 -Spell Expert:3.0%

4) Legion Gauntlet (Lv100, Gloves) -DR:65 -Str:12 -Vit:20 -Weapon Block Rate:2.3% -Magic Damage Resistance:3.0%

Dark Woods:

1) Lucky Hat (Lv100, Head) -DR:65 -Dex:19 -Vit:17 -Evasion Rate:2.4% -Hp Absorption:1.2%

2) Infantry Boots (Lv100, Boots) -DR:65 -Str:18 -Vit:17 -Hit rate:6.1% -Weapon Block Rate:3.8%

3) Shadow Strider (Lv100, Leather Armor) -DR:391 -Dex:18 -Vit:16 -Critical Rate:6.2% -Instant Recovery:23

4) Desolator (Lv100, Staff) -PD:210 -MD:273 -Int:24 -Vit:26 -Critical Rate:10.7% -Freeze:27.0%

Goblin’s Lair:

1) Bone Stinger (Lv100, Bow) -PD:287 -MD: 287 -Dex:37 -Vit:22 -Critical Rate:12.2% -Critical Damage Increase:22.9%

2) Armor of Sorrow ( Lv100, Plate Armor) -DR:783 -Str:17 -Vit:18 -Critical Rate:6.5% -Frost:30%

3) The Last Guardian (Lv100, Shield) -DR:391 -Vit:21 -Shield Block Rate:3.6% -Weapon Block Rate:2.8% -Magic Damage Resistance:2.5%

4) Voluminous Style (Lv100, Head) -DR:130 -Vit:18 -Mp Increase:20 -Hp Absorption:0.8%

Layer 2:——–Abandoned Mines:

1) Helm of Mist (Lv100, Head) -DR:130 -Men:15 -Vit:16 -Shield Block Rate:2.3% -Weapon Block Rate:2.1%

2)Drake’s Sword (Lv100, Dagger) -PD:156 -MD:171 -Dex:21 -Vit:22 -Critical Rate:5.0% -Aggro Reduction:15.0%

3)Holy Tablet (Lv100, Orb) -PD:235 -MD:305 -Int:38 -Vit: 32 -Mp Increase:36 -Divine:9.0%

Blazing Desert:

1)Crown of Glory (Lv100, Head) -DR:65 -Str:13 -Dex:16 -Vit:18 -Critical Rate:7.7%

2)Redrider Bowgun (Lv100, Crossbow) -PD:326 -MD:293 -Dex:31 -Vit:39 -Critical Rate: 10.8% -Fire:18% 3)

Blood Raven (Lv100, Longsword) -PD:222 -MD:177 -Str:21 -Critical Rate:7.6% -Critical Damage Increase:10.8% -Fire:10%

Lonely Plateaus:

1)Black Knight Helmet (Lv10?, Head)

2)Sage Hat (Lv100, Head) -DR:65 -Men:22 -Vit:17 -Mp Increase:20 -Magic Damage Resistance:3.5% 3)

Mortal Slayer (Lv100, 2H Sword) -PD:314 -MD:298 -Str:28 -Vit:35 -Critical Rate:13.8% -Darkness:1.8%

Layer 3:——–Wrecked Castle:

1)Authority of Power (Lv100, Ring) -Str:18 -Hit Rate:6.8% -Mp Increase:20 -Critical Damage Increase:9.7% 2)

Victory Gauntlet (Lv105, Gloves) -DR:??? -Int:18 -Men:18 -Vit:20 -Magic Damage Resistance::3.6% 3)

Demon’s Crown (Lv105, Head) -DR:??? -Vit:15 -Int:18 -Critical Rate:6.7% -Magic Damage Resistance:4.0%

Land of Death:

1)Conqueror Boots (Lv105, Boots) -DR:69 -Str:18 -Dex:19 -Vit:19 -Critical Rate:4.8%

2)Enlightened Ones (Lv105, Head) -DR:69 -Men:22 -Vit:14 -Hit Rate:6.2% -Shield Block Rate:2.4%

3)Dragon Teeth Necklace (Lv100, Necklace) -Str:21 -Vit:16 -Weapon Block Rate:3.0% -Water Resistance:1 -Mp Increase:20

Spiritual Forest:

1)Red Hat (Lv103, Head) -DR:??? -Str:19 -Vit:14 -Evasion Rate:3.8% -Critical Damage Increase:12.7% 2)

Guardian of Patience

3)Wings of Light (Lv100, Cloak) -Men:19 -Critical Resistance:4.0% -Mp Regeneration:1 -Fear Resistance:1 -Critical Rate:5.0%

Layer 4:——–Endless Snowfield:

1)Steel Heart (Lv105, Plate Armor) -DR:845 -Str:14 -Vit:22 -Shield Block Rate:3.2%

2)Destruction Scepter (Lv100, 2H Axe) -PD:314 -MD:298 -Str:32 -Vit:25 -Critical Rate:13% -Fire:18%

3)Big Ribbon (Lv105, Head) -DR:??? -Int:12 -Vit:20 -Hp Absorption:1.0% -Critical Resistance:2.0%

Cave of Trials:

1)Blood Drinker (Lv105, Dagger) -PD:169 -MD:185 -Dex:17 -Poison:19.6% -Critical Rate:4.3% -Hp Absorption:1.1%

2)Destructive Totem

3)Sage’s Tattered Robe (Lv10?, Clothe Armor) -DR:140 -Men:13 -Vit:14 -Critical Rate:8.2% -Magic Damage Resistance:3.1%

Forgotten Ruins:

1)Black Chaser (Lv105, Leather Armor) -DR:??? -Dex:21 -Vit:15 -Critical Damage Increase 8.7 -Mp Increase:20

2)Body Slice (Lv105, Axe) -PD:268 -MD:268 -Str:20 -Vit:17 -Critical Damage Resistance:10.6%

3)Sharpshooter (Lv105, Bow) -PD:??? -MD:??? -Dex:22 -Vit:24 -Critical Rate:8.8% -Mp Increase:32

Layer 5:——–Boss

– Darius:

1)Emperor’s Sword (Lv10?, Longsword) -PD:240 -MD:192 -Str:20 -Vit:16 -Hit rate:6.1% -Healing Energy: 5.0%

2)Circlet of Hope (Lv105, Head) -DR:68 -Int:17 -Vit:14 -Mp Increase:24 -Spell Expert:4.0%

Boss – Portia:

1)Colorful Ribbon (Lv103, Head) -Str:19 -Int:18 -Vit:22 -Critical Rate:4.6%

2)Obsilian Laser

Boss- Shadow of Darkness:

1)Body Slice (Lv105, Axe) -PD:268 -MD:268 -Str:20 -Vit:17 -Critical Damage Resistance:10.6%

2)Black Chaser (Lv105, Leather Armor) -DR:??? -Dex:21 -Vit:15 -Critical Damage Increase 8.7% -Mp Increase:20

3)Wounds of War (Lv105, Cloak) -Str:19 -Weapon Block Rate:3.2% -Mp Increase:20 -Hit rate:5.0% -Shield Block Rate:3.6%

4)Shadowfiend Iron Mace (Lv105, Blunt/Mace) -PD:268 -MD:294 -Men:12 -Vit:18 -Critical Rate:6.0% -Shield Block Rate:2.2%

5)Mind Crier (Lv105, Staff) -PD:226 -MD:293 -Int:20 -Men:30 -Vit:21 -Critical Rate 14.5%

6)Truth of Life (Lv105, Necklace) -Men:16 -Shield Block Rate: 2.1% -Weapon Block Rate: 3.1% -Stun Resistance: 1% -Vit:19

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